'Furlough' vs 'Laid-Off' - let’s break it down …

"I've been temporarily laid-off - what does that even mean? I'm getting unemployment, am I required to search for work? Isn't furlough and temporarily laid off mean the same thing? BUT, I have a job to return to ..."

In concept - the two may seem similar, but legally they are not the same.

By definition, a furlough is a mandatory temporary leave of absence from which the employee is expected to return to work or to be restored from a reduced work schedule. Meaning, the employee retains their employment and their benefits - but is required to take a mandatory unpaid leave, leaving the employee eligible to apply for unemployment benefits while NOT requiring said employee to search for work.


On the other hand, an employee who is laid off is terminated from their employment for reasons other than employee's performance. This employee, however, is eligible for rehire and may very well be rehired (seasonal layoffs, etc) after a certain period of time. Legally, however, that employee has been terminated - meaning that the employee is no longer "employed" by their employer and is, therefore, not eligible to receive benefits (including medical, dental, etc). Like those furloughed, the employee is eligible to apply for unemployment benefits - however, unlike those furloughed, the employee must search for work because technically the employee does not have a job.


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