Why is no one calling back?!?!

So, you’ve applied to every job under the sun - but haven’t received a single call back?


You’re not alone. Sometimes, a little extra prodding can help.


What you can do to, to help get your application seen and reviewed:

  1. Do some research and find the hiring manager’s name. If you can get the actual hiring manager to review your resume, then you’ll have a greater chance to get that initial interview.

  2. Be casual, yet confident. Don’t be overly forceful, or you risk turning off the recipient. Use an approach like, “I’m sure that you’ve looked at thousands of applicants and I hope by reaching out, I can show you how much I want the opportunity to be a part of XYZ.”

  3. Be persistent. If you continuously call, write and email - it can become frustrating for the recipient. That can sometimes be a sure way to NOT get a call back - but definitely be creative and check in often.

  4. Be creative. Sometimes it can be sending snail mail or sending a virtual shout out Or sending them coffee, with your resume attached. Anything to stand out. I remember a candidate that once called me and asked, “where are you struggling the most, right now?” I answered. They were like, “let me take this on for you. Give me 30 days, if I don’t do what I say - you can fire me.” 🤷‍♀️ So, I hired her. She is now VP of that same company.

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