What can I do today for money tomorrow?

UI ends in 13 days and you’ve been applying to EVERYTHING available - BUT, have not heard back. Meanwhile, all you hear is …


Um, yeah …


But, what are your options when the end is in sight and there is nothing on the horizon?

I keep hearing all of these stories about how jobs are plentiful and if you are on UI, it must be you’re lazy or milking the system or blah blah blah …

I have personally found that these same companies having difficulty hiring because of all this unemployment are the same companies that do not call back qualified candidates.

Yes, I’m talking to you …



US Postal Service



Indium Corporation

Tractor Supply



… and hundreds more (I’m keeping a detailed list!)

Keep applying, but in the meantime - what can you do today to help your situation tomorrow?

Each day, I will cover topics that will help you secure tomorrow today. It may be short lived, but you’re not yet out of options!

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