Land your next dream job!

So, your dream is to lounge in the sun and get paid? Wish gra…. eh, probably not 🤔


But, do you have a real game plan? No? Now is the time to do some real soul searching. What kind of job will work for you, what are your non-negotiables, what do you WANT?


Now, let’s start building that resume …

As a talent acquisition leader, this is what I look for when reviewing a resume:

  1. A resume that stands out! I can oftentimes review thousands of application for one opening, so it can get a bit daunting. By standing out, you are sure to at least get my attention. Try a bold headline? Maybe something punny? Color? Anything to grab my attention to at least start reading it.

  2. Relevant work experience! Yes, that sounds simple, but be sure that you are not blanket sending your resume to every job the same way. Tailor each resume to reflect the quality and characteristics of the actual job you are applying to. For instance, if you are looking at a Marketing Assistant position - be sure to scan the job description for key words and repeated words - if you have that experience, be sure to scatter them FREQUENTLY throughout your resume.

  3. No spelling / grammatic errors! This is especially true for jobs that require “attention to detail.” I would think twice about a qualified candidate, if I felt they “didn’t bother” to actually read their own resume and ensure that it was complete. If we are talking about manufacturing / retail / service industry type roles, I am always more forgiving - but, when I do find a candidate in those industries that stands out, I send them to the front of the line because they are rare.

Get out there and get the job you’ve always wanted!!!


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